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Southwest Police Personnel disperse

Storyline:National News

Defiance police personnel of Southwest State administration disbanded and went to their original locations after they missed their monthly salaries.

Speaking to Goobjogg News, the Deputy Security Minister of Southwest State Abdullahi Mohamed Adam Farey stated that there 600 Somali police officers trained in Baidoa town.

“Almost 105 people went back [to their homes] due to lack of economic support and hard living conditions though 500 police men are around” said Abdullahi.

He also mentioned how plans are underway to pay the insolent police officers that scattered away to Lower Shabelle region where they were recruited from in the first place.

Deputy Security Minister confirmed that UK government is supporting the local police with little token of payment.

Non-cooperation police staff is believed to be numbering more than 100 men as a result of lack of salaries and unbearable living conditions according to the Deputy Security Minister Abdullahi.