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Southwest state is answerable to tribal wars in Lower Shabelle says Senator Nadir

A member o f the Federal Uppoer House Senator Ahmed Nadir cited Southwest state to be held accountable to the recurrent tribal fighting in Lower Shabelle region.

Senator Nadir who took part in a meeting that was deliberated on the tribal war reappearances in Lower Shabelle which held  in Mogadishu pointed out the need for taking decisive intention to stop the bitter wars.

“Directly without disguise, we place the problems of Lower Shabelle on the shoulders of Southwest state and will be accountable for it. Let us be the true representative of our people and the country. Let us not be pessimistic individuals. Let us believe that we shall pass the current problems and the decisions reached here be the ones accepted which heralds unity” said Senator Nadir.

Locations in southwest state have become a cynosure for recurrent tribal violence which resulted death, injuries and destruction of properties.

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