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Speaker and deputies bury the hatchet, Budget Committee to stay, impeachment on hold

The Speaker of the Lower House Mohamed Mursal and his two deputies have resolved to set aside differences which have in the past days spilled out into the public and key among their points of agreement in a meeting today is the fate of the Finance and Budget Committee.

Sources privy to the meeting intimated to Goobjoog News the three leaders resolved to leave the Committee to continue its work, a view strongly held by Mursal.

Abdiweli Mudey and Mahad Awad, first and second deputies respectively had pushed for the disbandment of the committee following the tabling of the 2018 Budget report which raised questions against Finance Minister Abdirahman on the execution of the budget.

The three leaders also agreed that the impeachment motion against President Mohamed Farmaajo be held back. “Mursal told both Awad and Mudey that the motion be held back until he meets with the President,” the source who requested anonymity said.

The meeting also resolved that the three leaders forgive each other and work together as a team and that the House should resume business.

Crucial for both Parliament and the Executive now is the passage of the 2019 National Budget. The $340 million is expected to be passed before parliament breaks for the December recess.