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Speaker Mursal dismiss top budget committee and appoint new members

Storyline:National News

Somali parliament speaker Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman has dismissed the top leaders of the budget committee who has been the disputed conflict and appointed new members.

In a statement released from the speaker’s office on early Wednesday has dismissed chairperson of the budget committee Ali Abdi Osman, vice-chairperson Mohamed Adan Maalim and the secretary Abdullahi Mohamed Nur and appointed new members to the committee.

Prof. Salim Aliyow Ibrow, Sagal Issack Bihi and Adan Ali Hassan were the only three newly appointed members to the budget committee.

The statement from the office of the speaker reads that some of the members of the board have expressed their dissatisfaction of working with the committee which has failed the board to work together to full their duties.

“The main reason for the changes was that the committee had a major disagreement between them and now we are giving them an opportunity to resolve their dispute.” said the statement

By considering the remaining days of the 2018 budget, the members of the board were ordered to elect a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary on the same date of the document.

The statement also calls the secretary-general to facilitate the commission to fulfil their duties.

The Committee intends to accelerate the preparation of the 2019 budget report acknowledged by the Ministry of Finance and the House of Representatives no later than 30/12/2018

The statement has concluded that on 30/12/2018 all members of the House of Representatives are called to attend the session to vote on the budget bill of 2019 which is a constitutional right for the president to pass the law on 31/12/2018 which marks on the last day of the budget.

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