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Speaker Mursal encourage the lawmakers to learn a lesson of what happened

The speaker of the lower house of the federal parliament of Somalia, Mohamed Mursal who spoke at the parliament on Saturdays session has encouraged the lawmakers that they will learn lessons of what happened and will lead them not repeat again.

“The main causes were created by the law discussions are for the draft constitution that was not been revised since 2013, the constitutional institutions and the interpretation of the draft constitution are all partial or are not strong, so the decisions we took will not really be favour to a particular group, so whenever we seek a political solution, it is inevitable to balance and should satisfy the other different perceptions,” said Mursal

Speaker Mursal has also thanked all the MPs who stand for the solution, and all those that fulfilled their duties and also all the intellectuals and religious leaders who were there for their support of wisdom.

On other hands, the speaker Mursal claimed that this session of the parliament held has covered a lot of work than the last three sessions of the parliament.

“This session was more productive than the other three previous sessions of the parliament that today we passed four laws which include the disability institution law, health professionals, rights of politicians and the budget support of 2018,” said Mursal

Lower house speaker Mursal has concluded that there are also seven laws passed through the first reading and added that it would have been a big mess for them not to solve the parliament financial committee dispute before 31 of December which is the closure of the parliament.