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Speaker of Somali parliament calls traders to help Somali refugees

Storyline:National News

Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, the speaker of Somali federal parliament has articulated the situation of Somali refugees in Yemen.
Speaking at the parliament during the opening of the sixth session, Jawari said, that Somalis in Yemen are trapped by the escalating violence in Yemen.
“I call upon Somali people to help their brotherly Somali refugees in Yemen” he said.
He added” Somali traders operating travel agencies in the country are needed to play very important role in the process of repatriation”
Finally Jawari applauded Puntland and the breakaway Somaliland states for their marvellous role to support fleeing Somali refugees from Yemen.
It comes a day after a boat carrying over 1000 Somali refugees docked at Bossaso port where Puntland administration helped them with food and water.
Puntland government earlier announced ministerial level committee to work on and closely monitor the increasing violence in Yemen and Somali refugees arriving Puntland in large numbers.