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State formation gridlock eased as elders in Baladweyne agree to attend Jowhar conference

Storyline:National News

Elders in Baladywene have agreed to attend the state formation conference in Jowhar following intense negotiations led by President Mohamud, Goobjoog News correspondent in the town reports.

The agreement unlocks the close to two months deadlock which saw the collapse of the Hiiraan/Middle Shabelle state formation conference in the administrative capital of Middle Shabelle region, Jowhar.

The negotiations turned ugly Saturday when protests against the president broke out leading to injury of three people when presidential guards opened fire on protesters.

The Federal Government will facilitate the conference but allow the regions leeway on key decision making including selection of delegates, the two parties also agreed.

Our correspondent says the elders have also agreed to further negotiate with sections of the elders who are still opposed to a compromise on the state formation process.

The Jowhar state formation conference collapsed in January and negotiations have been ongoing to broker an agreement.

More to follow.