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State leaders to meet in Kismayu Tuesday over Galmudug and Gulf Crisis fall-outs

Storyline:National News
R-L: South West president Sharif Adan, Puntland’s Ali Gaas, former president Hassan Sheik Mohamud and Jubbaland’s Ahmed Madobe in a past function. The leaders will be meeting Tuesday in Kismayu over the Galmudug issue. File Photo: Goobjoog News

State presidents are converging Tuesday in Kismayu to deliberate on the relations between the Federal Government and the states following a fall out on the ongoing Galmudug political crisis and the Gulf feud which has occasioned a sharp rift between the two levels of government.

Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe convened the meeting last week after a section of MPs in Galmudug voted to oust the president Ahmed Haaf and subsequent accusations by the state presidents against the Federal Government for what they termed as direct interference.

Mohamed Sayid Adan the first deputy of Jubbaland told Goobjoog News preparations were underway to have the meeting which is expected to bring together all the state presidents. It is not however clear if Haaf will be attending.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the constitutional relationship the federal and state governments, Adan said.

The meeting is organized by Jubbaland administration through a committee appointed by the state president Ahmed Mohamed Islam.

Federal state presidents mediating the crisis in Galmudug accused Villa Somalia and the cabinet for frustrating the talks noting President Mohamed Farmaajo’s office sent individuals to the capital Adado to scuttle the talks. The talks collapsed Thursday.

Puntland, South West and Galmudug broke ranks with the Federal Government to support Saudi Arabia in the ongoing Gulf Crisis while HirShabelle threw its weight behind the Government while Jubbaland is yet to make its position known.