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State MPs allied to Haaf fire back dismissing Tuesday vote, lambaste Fed Government


Members of the Galmudug Assembly watch on during the opening ceremony for a capacity building training workshop sponsored by AMISOM at the Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, on July 9, 2017. AMISOM Photo

A faction of MPs allied to embattled Galmudug President Ahmed Geele Haaf who was voted out in a controversial no confidence motion Tuesday evening have dismissed the vote as void and termed it ‘a coup by troublemakers’.

In a statement Wednesday, 48 lawmakers condemned the vote noting the decision was illegal and affirmed their support for Haaf who has also rubbished the vote as unconstitutional. “The parliamentary session headed by the 1st deputy speaker of Galmudug parliament and attended by 48 MPs condemned the aborted coup by the trouble makers to destroy Galmudug state,” the statement read.

The lawmakers also affirmed theirs support for the cabinet’s decision Tuesday which endorsed president Haaf’s move to align itself with Saudi Arabia and UAE in the Gulf Crisis.

The Federal Government issued a statement Tuesday calling for respect of the state assembly’s decision to fire the president and in their response, the MPs have called it ‘an interference by the federal government aimed at destruction of the new administration.

“The statement released by the Federal Government is a clear indication of being part of the coup by the troublemakers MPs attempting to destroy the constitutional department of the Galmudug regional state,” the lawmaker said.

Elders and federal parliament legislators are meeting today in Adado over the issues.