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Statement from the House of the People of the Federal Republic of Somalia

Storyline:National News

The House of the People of the Federal Republic of Somalia (HoP) reassures the people of Somalia and its international partner’s that it is firmly determined to deliver the common legislative agenda agreed between the Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

In addition, the HoP shall implement it’s action plan for the fifth session as scheduled, including the enactment of priority legislations such as the National Electoral Independent Commission (NEIC), Boundaries and Federalism Commission (BFC), political party laws, and the establishment of key institutions that will lead the country to a free and democratic election in 2016 through continued collaboration with the Council of Ministers.

The past year has clearly demonstrated difficulty involving security and political challenges; nonetheless we’ve been steadfast in our determination and have made significant progress with the help and contribution of our international partners. Thus, the HoP is confident that any dispute or differences of opinion can be resolved within the federal government institutions and in accordance to the provision of the governing laws of the country without any setbacks to the day-to-day affairs of the state.


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