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Stiff security operations against Alshabab and Daesh by Puntland Administration

Storyline:National News

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Puntland Minister for Security Abdi Hirsi Ali aka Qarjab described the preparations of security operations against terrorism in Puntland region.

Minister Qarjab pointed out the capture of more than 10 people from a location which is 85km to Garowe town who are now under police interrogation.

“These people were caught using illegal transport routes than the normal public roads with the coordination of the Puntland government and the local people” said Minster Qarjab.

There was a reshuffle to the security personnel manning police checkpoints which led to security success by arresting many people suspected of Alshabab affiliation and a stern warning sent to security officers controlling entry checkpoints into Puntland region according to Minster Qarjab.

Meanwhile he cited the ongoing military operations in Galgala Mountains and plans are in place to eliminate armed Alshabab fighters from the area who are camped in the place.