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Sour ties between FGS and FMS derailing progress-UNSC

Storyline:National News

The UN Security Council has called for the resumption of talks between the Federal Government and the Federal Member States noting the strained relations adversely hampered delivery of national priorities.

The Council said in a statement Monday it was concerned by the rifts between the two levels of government which have remained unresolved since President Mohamed Farmaajo came to office in 2017.

“The members of the Security Council noted that cooperation between the FGS and some Federal Member States (FMS remained difficult on a number of issues and raised concerns that this impedes full delivery of national priorities,” the Council said.

Noting the talks should resolve outstanding issues, finalize an inclusive political settlement, and pursue reconciliation talks at the local, regional and national level, the Council made specific reference to Galmudug and Jubbaland.

The Federal Government has maintained its stance on Jubbaland of non-recognition. The opposition coalition (FNP Sunday accused the Federal Government of working in collusion with Ethiopian forces to intimidate and arrest public officials in Gedo region.

Kenya’s Daily Nation reported Tuesday Jubbaland vice president Mohamud Sayyid Adan was holed up in a hotel in Mandera with security from Kenyan forces after he was blocked by Ethiopian troops from visiting Belet-Hawo.

The Security Council also called for engagement among stakeholders to fast-track preparations for the 2020/21 elections.

“The members of the Security Council noted that finalizing the election model would require a compromise and called on all key actors and institutions in Somalia to set aside their differences and engage constructively in discussions.”