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Sudan’s RSF Leader Threatens Military Resolution, Accuses Army of Impeding Peace

Storyline:Security, World

KHARTOUM: Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commander Mohamed Hamdan “Hemetti” has said his forces will militarily resolve the war “in the coming days,” accusing the army of intransigence and rejecting peace efforts.

Hemetti made these remarks in a Sunday evening audio recording, announcing reported victories in Omdurman and Babanusa of West Kordofan state.

He praised his troops for their claimed “victories” and urged continued “fierce fighting on all fronts,” directing his message to army commanders: “We did not seek war… but as long as this is your choice, you must be prepared.”

The RSF leader accused the army of “practicing tactics and wanting to continue fighting,” asserting that “the war will end in the coming days” through military means.

Hemetti left Sudan last December on a regional tour to promote his vision for peace in Sudan. He also met with the IGAD leaders in Uganda, seeking their support for peacemaking.

His statement comes after the Sudanese army recently extended control over parts of Omdurman and repelled an attack on its Babanusa division in the

Notably, Hemetti avoided addressing accusations of his forces causing a communications blackout that isolated parts of Sudan. The blackout has hindered information flow and exacerbated the crisis.

Fierce battles continue between the two forces in various locations, further deepening the humanitarian crisis and raising concerns about regional stability.

By Agencies