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School teacher killed in carbomb explosion in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security


A school teacher was killed and two other civilians injured in when an explosive devices suspected to have been fitted in his car exploded Wednesday afternoon, officials and resident said.

Dharkaynley local administration said the teacher who was teaching at Halgan School was killed after a bomb which was fitted in his car exploded at Bo’ale Market in Dharkeynley district.

“We think the bomb, an Improvised Explosive Device, fitted in his car exploded killing him and injuring two passers-by,” said an administrator in Dharkeynley district.

He said security officers have launched investigations in the latest incident which no group has claimed responsibility.

“The security forces are pursuing the perpetrators,” he said.

The car blast occurred at a busy market on Wednesday noon. However, the police suspect that the militant group Al-Shabaab is behind the attack.

Witnesses said that the car was partly destroyed after the bomb went off in the front part of the vehicle killing the teacher in the car.

“The explosion was very huge and loud. It was heard all around the market. It shattered the windows and ripped off parts of the front seats of the vehicle where the teacher was sitting,” Hassan Ahmed Noor, a resident of Dharkeynley said.