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Technical committee: The statement issued by top Somali leaders will not the state formation conference

Storyline:National News

The technical committee facilitating the formation of South West Somalia- three regions in Baidoa stated that the joint statement issued by the top leaders of Somalia on Monday 10th of November will not affect their activities.

A Statement issued by the committee said that they will continue with their conference adding that they will elect the leader of the administration soon.

The top leaders of Somalia, president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed and the speaker of federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh issued joint statement to suspend the formation of South West Somalia state in Baidoa.

The leaders stated that the conference will be suspended for two weeks starting from the date the statement was issued.

The leaders also called the technical committee facilitating the conference to immediately return to Mogadishu for consultation.

All the concerned parties were asked to implement the issued statement by the leaders.

The delegates passed the interim constitution of the administration and were preparing to elect the leader of the regional state.