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The 2016 electoral process radio show premiers at Goobjoog FM

Storyline:National News

The inaugural civic education programme Habeentiriska Hiigsiga (The Public Debate) premiered on Goobjoog FM tonight as part of the station’s efforts to educate and inform the public concerning the political process towards the 2016 elections.

The programme which is a first of a kind in the country aims to educate and provide a platform for listeners to discuss and pass a vote on the best and most practicable electoral option in line with the choices put forward by the National Consultative Forum launched last month.

The programme producer and co-presenter Abdikarim Alikaar told Goobjoog News the programme is a concept aimed at giving the public a voice to be heard and actively participate in deciding on the best option for the country come 2016.

“We want to give people a voice, a chance to speak out their mind and partake of the decision making process of their country. We want the women selling tea on the street side to speak their mind; the fishermen to say what they think and the even the taxi driver to take part in the process. This programme is a chance for the nation to start talking,” said Alikaar.

Abdikarim said the fate of the country cannot be left to the political and the elite class only; every citizen, he said, must have their voice heard.

Co-presenter Abdiaziz Gurbiye said the programme will be the platform for the public to engage and decide what they think is best for the country come 2016. “We want the people of this country to have their say on this process. The role of the media in this process is crucial and as a radio station we have decided to take up the challenge,” said Gurbiye.

Hundreds of listeners expressed their views during the show and called for more debate about the process hailing Goobjoog FM for the step to air the programme.

The government ruled out in July the option of a one person one vote owing to security concerns and lack of preparedness. This led to a consultative process which has now zeroed in on four options to be debated on before a final option is presented in March 2016.

The show which will run five times a week will reach thousands of listeners both locally and internationally as Goobjoog FM transits online and on satellite.


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