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The administration of Bullo-burde distances impeachment over food aid

Storyline:National News

The administration of Bullo-burde district of Hiraan region distanced the allegations about mismanagement food aid which was contributed few days ago in that district.
Abdiaziz Duurow Abdi, the district commissioner of Bullo-burde giving exlussive interview to Goobjoog Fm denied the claims of misconduct of food aid and described theose reports as  fictitious dispersed by individuals having personal interest.
“Eight trucks carrying food aid reached the district and we distributed the food to the people indented to be given, the federal government of Somalia has all the in formations about how the distribution was done and further more we always welcome everything intended for accountability and transparency” the district commissioner said
The commissioner also highlighted that some of the food aid got soaked during transportation which was not suitable for human consumption.
This comes after some elders in that district accused the administration mismanaging the food aid brought by the federal government of Somalia