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The Agenda of National Security Council Meeting in Baidoa

Storyline:National News

The national Security Council meeting officially opened today in Baidoa the city of Bay region. The meeting lead by the Somali federal president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, the Prime minister Ali Kheyre and the regional government leaders.

Goobjoog News, in general, will present the agenda of the conference and its emphasis on key issues.


Establishing strong power of the forces of the first integrated special Army, commission and operation of the military is a key factor of the meeting.

Mixing up to build and consolidate the regional police forces where the federal government will provide weapons, money and training for the regional police force and to establish a technical security committee in every 3 weeks.

 Political Issues:

The National Security Conference in Baidoa will focus on implementing a political plan for 2020 to implement its co-operation with the federal government and the regional administrations.

 The committee will also appoint to agree 10 people working in this area, which will be fully functioning.

 In Baidoa, the constitution and the election committees are the key members in the meeting, where they will address the level of the constitutional review process, the election that should be conducted in Somalia in 2020.


National security conference also will include its agenda on the sharing of the natural resources in the country, particularly on how to benefit the fish resources.

 All the above factors we mentioned were discussed in the previous national security meetings on December 4 and February 26 are still unresolved, and are expected to continue meeting analyzed.

 Finally, this security conference is one of the most important meetings of the Somali people, followed by the London conference in May 2017 that Somalia and 42 countries have agreed to establish national security policy, including the formation of the military a total of 22,000 troops, 32,000-strong police force and it’s the time for the withdrawal of AMISOM troops from Somalia.

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