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The Auditor General Accuses the State House Guards of Denying Access To His Office

Storyline:National News

The auditor general of the federal government of Somalia Dr. Noor Jim’aale Farah addressing to the media described working situation of his office getting worse as the presidential bodyguads and their adminitration repudiated him to access his work.

Mr. Farah told the media that his car was damaged and that he was refuessed to enter Villa Somalia, where his office is located.

“The office of the auditor general has been functioning since 1975 in the presidential villa  and now it seems that it can no longer work freely due to these obstacles however, I call upon the top leaders of the federal government of Somalia and MPs  to take actions to solve these problems” the auditor general said.

Farah added that the staffs of the office of the auditor general were precluded to attend their works.

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