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The British Ambassador to the UN Mark Lyall said KDF involves in the illegal trade of charcoal from Somalia

Storyline:National News

While addressing journalists in New York, he said KDF and other parties are involved in the charcoal trade via Kismayo port. The remarks of the British Ambassador to the UN come at a time when the UN Security Council voted for a resolution to stop charcoal which is exported from Somalia.

The resolution initiated by Britain was voted for by 13 members. No single member opposed it. However, Russia and Jordan who are part of the UN Security Council were both absent. Nigeria, Rwanda and Chad who are three African countries within the UN Security Council also supported the resolution.

They said the resolution is for stopping the profit Alshabaab make out of the charcoal trade.

During the last two years, KDF has been in charge of Kismayo port where most of the illegal charcoal is exported. UN has embargoed the illegal charcoal trade from Somalia since 2012.

However, according to a recent UN report, the illegal charcoal trade continued afterwards.

Source: Daily Nation