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The Deputy Governor of Mudug Region Talks About Yesterday’s Assassination Attempted on His Life

Storyline:National News


Mudug deputy governor Farhan Ali Haad  talked about the  landmine  explosion which was targeted at his convoy  in Galkayo, on Sunday.

The deputy governor said that his health situation has improved well and he is carrying his duties as usual . He added that an investigations to pursue those were responsible the attack is ongoing , and results  would be released on a later stage to the media.

“ There would be a severe consequence of  the explosive you targeted against me, I command the security forces to arrest those perpetrators. If you thought that I am dead, I am still live and  I tell you that would continue with my work and I would not be terrified by anybody” Farhan said.

On the other hand, the deputy governor explaining the body hard he got from the explosion, said that he sustained minor injuries from the leg and the left hand and that he is recovering fast.

” I sustained minor injuries from the leg, I was preparing to do my daily work when I got minor injuries from landmine explosion. Those who were behind attack have to know that it is God who can kill and I will never stop my  work “ he added.

Yesterday, an explosion mine was targeted  with the deputy  commissioner of the administration of Mudug Region of Puntland, as he was passing on the streets of the town.

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