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The executive manager of CWC: The summit will be a fruitful one for Somalis

Storyline:National News

The executive manager of CWC, the group organizing the summit of Somalia oil and Gas alongside with the ministry of natural resources in London Mostafa Al-Bali giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM stated that the conference will have special importance to Somali people as the participants will focus on strengthening and enhancing Somalia oil and Gas industry.

“The summit will be a fruitful one for Somalis” Mostafa Al-Bali said.

He added that the delegates will listen to the ministry’s remarks on the summit, the minister for natural resource of federal government Mr. Daud Omar speaking at the conference explained what happening in the industry and updating all the international oil companies interested in investing the country.

Mr. Bali underlined that ninety percent of the delegates at the summit are international oil companies interested in knowing what is happening exactly in the industry, the international companies that attended the conference include TOTAL, SHEL, PP and Look oil among others. All are taking long strides and attention on how to reveal their skills on foreign investment.

Shell has signed contract with the ministry and companies from United Arab Emirates Mubadaras world.