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The High Level Partnership Forum meeting concluded today in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Somali Federal government, Federal States, civil society representatives and foreign embassies gathered the capital city of Somalia-Mogadishu to evaluate Somalia’s political, economical and security progress since the high level partnership forum conference in July.

The high level partnership forum which had chosen the theme of the meeting “ setting the benchmark for Somalia’s future” appreciated the development that the federal government and International community made in number of aspects including  federal States,electoral process, security and other new deal compact components.

The forum also discussed the current political situation of the country , ways of reviewing the constitution as well as modernizing country’s  financial institutions .

Progress in the security sector, including troop integration and improvements made to troop payment and registration, was discussed.

“Today we reviewed Somalia’s substantial progress against the New Deal Compact. We must consider what will make the most significant difference most quickly. Security is of course key, but we must build security and stability in Somalia not just through military action, but by investing in initiatives that will provide jobs, income and meaning to young Somalis. The promise of Somalia is manifested in our young people and we must give them the future they deserve,” said the President.

Financial governance and economic recovery were highlighted, in particular the recent positive findings by the International Monetary Fund regarding Somalia’s economic growth.

Upcoming  Istanbul conference 

Turkey Government prepares to host high level partnership conference early next year that will look out the future of Somali after the expiry of the new deal compact.

Jibril Ibrahim Abulle a prominent figure of Somali civil society says  Istanbul conference will determine the country’s electoral process including which election type to be adapted for 2016 election “ Istanbul conference will be decisive in number of sticking points including which type of election to be opted among the four proposed alternatives, fund for elections and the kind of cooperation between federal government and international community” he says

Political analyst anticipate tough days for Federal Government and International Community a head of 2016 elections.