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Al-Shabaab escalate attacks in Somalia in the last 24 hours

Storyline:National News, Security
A car is seen parked in front of a restaurant after a car bomb attack at the Maka al Mukaram street in Mogadishu, Somalia August 5, 2018. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

The militant group Al-Shabaab increased attacks Sunday hitting the capital Mogadishu hours after another deadly explosion in Afgooye some 30 kilometres south west of Mogadishu.

A car loaded with explosives blew up at a restaurant along Maka al Mukarama road Sunday evening claiming four lives as four others were admitted in hospital for injuries.

Earlier in the day, suspected militants driving a car shot and killed a government soldier and injured two others civilians at Sei Piano, Mogadishu. Security forces responded neutralising them shortly.

In another instance Sunday, a vehicle ferrying vegetables but loaded with explosives blew up in Afgooye town of Lower Shabelle region.  Sources said the attack targeted a military base run by Somali forces in the town. One death toll was reported while two civilians were wounded.

In Balaad, Middle Shabelle region, Al Shabaab also claimed responsibility for an assassination attack of Ali Aarif a commander of the Second Military Division of the Somali National Army.

Witnesses said the explosion wounded at least five bodyguards of the commander who were immediately taken to hospital in Mogadishu.

Al Shabaab also publicly executed three people in Jilib, Middle Jubba region, two of whom were said to be soldiers, while the other one was a former spy.

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