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Former MP Faults Motion Passed Against Jubbalan Assembly

Storyline:National News

Former chairman of Oversight, Review and Implementation Committee of TFG, Abdikadir Sheikh Ismail has comment on Federal parliament’s endorsement of the motion against Jubbaland assembly.
“Somali parliament rushed to decision without considering repercussion that would follow its endorsement” he said.
Abdikadir said that that country is trying to bounce back on its feet and all those wounds caused by the civil are to be solved carefully without taking any hesitation steps.
“Parliament does not do any work , it cannot do any work, what it has done yesterday has resulted political conflict and more nasty things are expected from Somali federal parliament , this has been worked on and there might be another issue within MPs. The only thing which expected to rise up again is to table motions against semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland and Interim South-west state” he said.
This comes a day after Somalia federal parliament has endorsed a motion against the legality of Jubbaland Assembly which was tabled by some of Somali lawmakers.