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The newly appointed administrion for Sool region will not end the disputes

Storyline:National News

Abdirahman Samatar one of the peace keepers of Garowe in Nugaal region commented about the new adminitration appointed for the sool region by the president of puntland Abdiweli Gaas.

Samatar told Goobjoog News “that it’s impossible for the new appointed administration from puntland for sool region to work there, while the region is currently under the administration of Somaliland.”

The appointed administration for the sool region will not solve the high tension of the region in the past weeks between puntland and Somaliland in Tukaraq town.

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Gaas has yesterday appointed a new governor of Sool region to work under the putland administrion.

Somaliland claims Sool and Sanag because the regions fall geographically within the borders of pre-independence British Somaliland. Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991, but is not internationally recognized.

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