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The Newly Appointed Chief of the Supreme Court Takes Office

Storyline:National News

The new chairman of the Supreme Court of Somalia Bashir Yusuf Ahmed was today officially handed over to take the control of the supreme court.

This event was attended by the federal Justice Minister, the National Prosecutor General, the former High Court judge and other officials.

Ibrahim Idle Suleiman, former chairman of the Supreme Court said that “he has done his best during his stay in the office; he also criticized the government’s failure enforcement of court decisions and other issues.

“I faced with challenges and in the first place was the absence of decisions, judgments, judicial proceedings, a civil servant who has been convicted in his appeal is more difficult than he or she wants to be executed.” said Ibrahim Idle.

Bashir Yusuf Ahmed, the new chairman of the High Court who first spoke on the matter first thanked the former chairman and his work.

He told Bashir that he and President Farmaajo agreed on the establishment of the judicial reform and initially received the Judicial Service Commission.

“We have promised to make a bigger referee reforms, the most important thing is to find the judicial services committee,” he said.

On May 27, 2018, President Farmaajo appointed Bashir Yusuf Ahmed, chief of the high court, who was dismissed by former chief of the high court  Ibrahim Iidle Suleyman.

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