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The Number of Presidential Aspirants of Central State of Somalia increases

Storyline:National News

GaalkacayoThe number of presidential candidates of central state of Somalia which is expected to be formed soon is increasing substantially.

Ali Abdulle Ahmed Toyo is the latest aspirant to declare his candidacy for the presidency of Central State at a ceremony in Galkayo.

The candidate said that he is happy with the administration of Galmudug which was the first authority to be formulated and that today there is an opportunity to form one complete administration for all regions and districts within central Somalia.

On the other hand there were other officials who spoke at the ceremony, among them was the parliament speaker of Galmudug Mr.Hassan Mohamud Heyl who said that he is to witness that politicians are seeking power and challenging each other through democratic means and by by force.

Mr. Ali joins long list of candidates for the president of the upcoming central state of Somalia and remarkably there were four other candidates for president.

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