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The outgoing religious affairs minister sheds light on the cause of setbacks in Somalia

Storyline:National News

The outgoing deputy prime minister who also doubles as minster for religious affairs of federal government of Somalia Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed stated that Somalia is far much behind compared to the developments the country achieved during the reign of late Mohamed Siyad Barre.

The minister pointed out many challenges that faced the government and noted that solving these challenges might lead the country to take positive step ahead.

He underlined that setbacks caused by the civil war that the country passed during the nineteenth century are still present and need to be solved as the country is at the cross roads.

On the other hand Ridwan mentioned that the directors and the managers of the companies operating in the country are foreigners whereby the former government the late Mohamed Siyad Barre the foreign companies used to employ Somali citizens for those posts. This is because the lack of affirmative policy introduced by the government.

Lastly the outgoing minister for religious said that coming back of the well educated Somali Diaspora could have led many changes to the countries.