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The regional states of South West Somalia and Interim Juba to jointly fight Al-shabab

Storyline:National News

The regional states of Interim Juba administration and South West Somalia agree to fight Al-shabab jointly as senior officials of South West regional state confirm.

The newly appointed Information minister of South West Somalia Hassan Abdi speaking to Goobjoog FM said the two administration signed agreement touching various fields of collaboration majorly on the fight against Al-shabab, building strong forces, maintaining security, strengthening economic ties and reconciliation among other important issues.

The minister noted the agreement signed between the two administration was a milestone adding that the administrations will soon implement the terms of the accord for the betterment of the region.

“ The leaders consulted and agreed to facilitate every effort that will improve the ties between the regional states and promote the development of the region” The minister said.

The leader of South West Somalia Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan has held consultative meetings with the leadership of the Interim Juba Administration Ahmed Madobe in a three days visit to Kismayo.