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The role of Somali women in peace building explained

Storyline:National News

Somali WomenWomen are the backbone of any given society in the world, in many countries they are the champions of developments.

War tone countries like Somalia, they also bear the brunt of civil war brutalities as they are the soft targets. But women are main front runners for peace building in Somalia, as many believe.

Mrs. Ambiyo Mohamed Ibrahim of SWC, women oriented origination, says that women can take part in peace building by disciplining their children, teaching respect, self esteem and gaining income by sweating not by robbing. “They can stop their children by engaging armed conflicts” Ambiyo tells Goobjoog.

The chairwomen for Banadir Regional Women Association Jawahir Barqab commends the role of women in the Somali society, she points out that women are now in the politics and are shaping the country’s future.

Drs. Asho Omar is a gynecologist in Mogadishu, she strongly believes that women took part in the conflict “it’s a myth and totally misplaced that women didn’t took part in the civil war, they were driving force behind the rush, now that they feel the pain, we are trying to convince them that all these problems are the product of their acts, until they support the peace, it’s impossible for them to get vital services like healthcare, education and better life” she says.

She urged the women to do more to create peaceful environment “We can provide an ambulance that can ferry pregnant women from as far as Yeed in Bakool region, but we are telling them pave the way and make it safe so that the ambulance can travel with ease”.

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