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The Security Agencies Are Investigating Dirir’s Death And Those Behind It Will Be Brought to Justice Says Somali Prime Minister

Storyline:National News

Somali prime minister, Omar Abdirashid Ali has send condolences to family, friends, Somali MPs on the death of Yussuf Dirir a Somali parliamentarian who has succumbed to his injuries.
“The deceased was Member of Parliament for last 10 years, he was peace-loving nationalist who used to struggle for development of the country” he said.
He added that his government would publicise the full details the investigation of the death of the MP and who the assassins are, soon.
“The security agencies are probing the case of the late Mohamed Dirir and thorough investigations will be carried out which would make easy for the government hunt down those bloodsuckers, I called upon the security agencies to handle the safety of Somali lawmakers, government officials and public” he underscored.
Meanwhile, security meeting was held in Mogadishu on Saturday night in attendance with security agents, Ministers and other government officials Somali premier Omar.
The gathering which was chaired by Somali deputy prime minister, Mohamed Omar Arte, was focused on security issues including the latest incident which cost death of MPs and his chauffeur and leaving behind 7 wounded people including the bodyguard of the late MP and 6 Somali National Army.