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The Senate has not added value to us, Puntland’s Gaas says

File: Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas| Handout

Puntland leader Abdiweli Gaas has lambasted the Senate over what he termed as failure to positively contribute towards the country’s progress.

Speaking during a constitutional review consultation meeting in Garowe Tuesday, Gaas said Senators have not lived up to their expectations despite ‘Puntland’s efforts to establish the Senate’ during the constitutional making process in 2011.

“The Upper House has mistreated Puntland. In 2011 when we were making the Constitutional, Puntland was the only state which wanted the Upper House. Galmudug which was not yet fully established said they wanted regional autonomy,” said Gaas. “We formed the Upper House but we are not getting anything out of it.”

Puntland was the only established state in 2011 while the rest of the regional administrations safe for Somaliland were not yet formed.

Gaas added Puntland fought to have 11 Senators when the rest except Somaliland were given 8 slots but said the Senators were nowhere to be seen now. “Have you seen where they are now? Gaas posited noting some of the Senators even voted against Puntland during the UAE dispute with the Federal Government over the Berbera port case.

Both the Senate and the Lower House voted to cancel the Berbera port concession with UAE’s Dubai World terming the deal unconstitutional.

The Senators, Gaas noted will come back for re-election later but have no record to show.