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The speaker : In every kilometer of Somalia there is an orphan

Storyline:National News

The Speaker of federal Parliament of Somalia  Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawaari today attended drama festival presented by orphans  funded by Qatari Charity.

The speaker said that the statistics presented by the organizers noted that there are 630 thousand orphans living in Somalia  which indicates that in  every kilometer of  the country,  there is an orphan. Somalia has an area of  637000 km2 .

Jawaari said that the government is responsible for the welfare of orphans in the country, article  28 and 29 of the constitution stipulate the responsibility of the government towards orphans and he promised to strengthen those points.

“Our Prophet PBUH said  whoever brings up orphans, his/her paradise is ready and would neighbor with me in the paradise” said Prof. Jawaari, asking himself “what about those who make children to be orphans and thus seeking paradise” .

Jawaari said that the Koran mentions 23 times about orphans, therefore he called on the rich people to help orphans.

Prof. Jawaari continued to  remind children that most of the  leaders in the history of the world were orphans, especially in the history of the Somalia air force leaders who brought up in the orphanage called Ofantoore Miskiine.

“An orphan is the one who an illiterate , but person who is educated is not an  orphan, only that his father has died,” said Jawaari.

On the other hand , he said that those bought up in an orphan live have capability, more talented than those who grew up under their parents, they are self-reliant  and later, make a better future.

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