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The United States Welcomes the Agreement between the Federal Government and Puntland State of Somalia

Storyline:National News

United States Representative for Somalia (SRS) James P. McAnulty welcomes the historic October 14 agreement signed in Garowe between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Puntland State of Somalia.  This significant twelve-point agreement is a major cornerstone to the state building process.  It has displayed the commitment of both parties and set an example for ongoing and future dialogue between the FGS and Federal Member States to continue toward peacebuilding, security and stability for all of Somalia.  The agreement further affirms the role of Federal States in comprehensive consultations on Federal issues.

SRS McAnulty also extends acknowledgment to UN, IGAD and EU partners who facilitated this historic agreement.  The United States remains fully committed to support the FGS and Puntland State in their joint efforts to promote a Somalia that truly reflects its peace and state-building agenda and stand ready to support the implementation of this agreement.  We urge this newly strengthened partnership to take advantage of the momentum of the state building process and continue forward progress over the coming months to review and implement a Federal Constitution and ensure elections are held in 2016.