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Thousands of families in Gedo region benefit from food aid donated by federal government

Storyline:National News

Thousands of Somali families in Buur-dhuubo and Garbaharey districts in Gedo region took advantage of food aid donated by the federal government of Somalia.
The food that reached the desperate families hit by prolonged drought consisted of rice, sugar, flour and oil.

Some of the beneficiaries said the donation came the right time when the affected families were in high need of emergency help.

The administrators in Gedo region believe that the food aid donated by the federal government is not enough to the large number of families facing difficulties in the region but its a good start to save lives and urged the federal government to double its efforts of supporting the people face with humanitarian crises.

This is the first help the federal government has distributed to Gedo district since food and water shortages broke in South and Central Somalia.

The donation of the food aid comes a time when over three people, children among them died in El-Adde village in the outskirt of Elwak district due to hunger and thirsty on Thursday night.