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Three boys die after falling into water tank in horror drowning accident

Storyline:National News

Three children died after falling into a 2 metres deep water tank in the outskirt Abduwaq town of Nothern Somalia on Saturday Morning.

It was a double tragedy for one family which lost three children in the accident.

The three children, aged between five and 13 and 9 fell in when playing on the slab that covered the tank.

An eyewitness said she heard screams and when he approached, she saw two floating bodies.

She then called the neighbours who began the process of retrieving the bodies and later called the parent of the boys.

“I was passing by but on reaching here, I heard screams; it appeared that they had fallen in the tank about 10 minutes before. It was traumatising,” said .

“I called the father of boys after the incident” she added.

She said the tank had been constructed some years back and had not been repaired since.

Jama’a Shire Jamaa who lost his sons in the accident, said the boys went there to fetch water from the tank but later he received a phone call from a neighbour informing him what happened.

“It is a tragedy I have lost my three sons. They went to fetch water for the family, I was shocked to hear that three boys drowned,” he said, adding that his sons, who were school children.