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Three dead and Seven injured after Galmudug and Ahlusunna fight near Adado

Storyline:National News

At least three people confirmed dead and seven others injured when Alhlusanna fighters and clan militias attacked Galmudg state forces in Godonllabe locality, 30km south of Adado on Wednesday morning.

The allied forces attacked the locality in three directions and then engaged fierce fighting with Galmudug forces and an intelligence Unit of Somali army.

After hours of fighting Galmdug forces retreated from Godonllable, which paved the way for Ahalsunna and clan militia to take the locality, Goobjoog correspondent in Ado says.

Three injured soldiers from Gondonallabe fight were admitted to Adado main Hospital. Meanwhile, in Dhusamareb other five injured fighters were also admitted to hospitals, as according to eye witness who spoke to Goobjoog News.

Ahlusunna and Galmudug forces have fought many times in the recent years for control of territory.