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Three fishermen rescued after fishing boat overturned in Bandar Beyla

Storyline:National News

Three people among four on board of a fishing boat were rescued and one has gone missing after the vessel overturned in Bandar Beyla district of Puntland coastal areas.
The search of the fourth missing fisherman is actively going on in the area according to the local residents contacted by Goobjoog FM.
Administration Officials and fishermen searched the missing person from vast areas of almost 25 kilometres.
One of the fishermen stated that the overturn of the fishing vessel was caused by strong winds and the sea that was turning rough day after day since last week.
On the other hand the Somali fishermen express concerns over an increase of illegal fishing trawlers, using drag nets, traps, and trawl nets to fish for the abundant array of seafood found in Somali waters like tuna, sardines and mackerel.