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Three years since Somalia famine, aid agencies fear high risk of relapse

Storyline:National News

Dad Somali ah oo dhibaateysan

Three years ago today, a famine was declared in Somalia. During the famine, 260,000 lives were lost to hunger, malnutrition and disease. Aid agencies today caution, again, that the signs of a drought are re-emerging in Somalia and urge for these not to be ignored in order to avoid a relapse into the conditions of the 2011 catastrophe.
“Responding after a food crisis costs at least three times more than taking preventive action. If we continue to ignore the warning signs, this crisis will cost donors and governments significantly more than acting now,” said Enzo Vecchio, Oxfam Somalia Country Director.

below you can read the complete press release.

Consortium Press Release – Somalia Famine Anniversary July 2014