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Timeline of Main News Events in Puntland for the Month of May, 2015

Storyline:National News, World

GaasMay 3, 2015: The president of Puntland Abdiwali Sheik Ahmed hosts Somali president Hassan Sheik Mohamoud and regional leaders in Garowe to discuss national issue.

May 5, 2015: Puntland presidents visit Moqadishu to meet the visiting United States of America secretary of State John Kerry.

May 8, 2015: Abdiqadir Shire Farah was inaugurated to be the new governor of Mudug region in Galkacyo.

May 8, 2015: A member of Puntland parliament Said Hussien Norwas shot dead in North of Galkio after he left a mosque where he performed evening prayers.

May 9, 2015: a large entourage including Ministers and MPs led by Putland vice president Abdihakim Haji Amey travelled to Galkio to attend burial ceremony for slain MP Said Hussein .

May 9, 2015: A security meeting was held in Bosaso after an alarming increase of attacks suspected to be carried out by Alshabab Agents. Bari region Governor, Bosaso district commissioner, security forces chief were among attendees.

May 13, 2015: Puntland Minister for security Hassan Osman Alore turned down any extention of mandate for African Peace keeping mission in Somalia to Puntland State , saying Puntalnd can manage security issues single handedly .

May 13, 2015: a passenger ship carrying 1,723 people fleeing the war in Yeman reaches Bosaso dock safely. They were received by locals and Puntland State officials.

May 17, 2015: 300 new arrivals from Yeman travel to their regions of origin in South and Central districts of Somalia. Golis Telecommication Company sponsored their food and transportation costs.

May 17, 2015: Puntland president Abdiwali Mohmed Gas receives at his office the ambassador of Yemen to Somalia Mansur Ali Rayash Al-imrani. They discussed a number of issues including refugees fleeing the war in Yeman.

May 19, 2015: Puntland officially orders the closure of Somali National TV branch in Putnalnd State over bias reporting.

The interior Minister of Puntland State Abdullahi Hashi Qobdoro justified the reason of closure of the Tv as spreading lie against puntland receive of people escaping the war in Yemen

May 20, 2015: Puntland re-permits Somali National Tv to work on its territory.

May 23, 2015: Punt-land president with some of his cabinet and refugee commission of the State paid a visit to a number of places resided by recently returnees from Yemen.

May 23, 2015: The director and chief editor of Dajir Radio was arrested by Puntland Police Forces in Garowe.

May 25, 2015: Puntland president calls Somali parliament motion against Jubbland State parliament utterly nonsense

May 27, 2015: Puntland Cabinet strongly opposes the result of population estimation survey published by National planning and International Co-operation ministry. Puntland published its own survey which estimated Puntland population to be about 4,284,633.

May 27, 2015: Fatima Yasim Jamaca female journalist for VOA Somali service and SBC Yousuf Mahmoud Yousuf were summoned by the court of appeals in Bari region of Puntland State.

In a warrant issued by court in which police chief of Region was instructed to immediate arrest of the two Journalists, reasons of arrest was given as a contempt and disrespect to Court and Judges by the journalists.

May 28, 2015:   Puntland president kicks off Bosaso seaport expansion project , the government has contracted Divers Marine Contracting L.L.C to carry out the expansion.

May 28, 2015: A policy advisory conference for Puntland which was planned to take place in Galkio was postponed for the third time by the Puntland Authority. The head of conference organizer Mahmoud Haji Salah told in press conference that conference will be held After Ramadan Month.

May 30, 2015: Puntland rebukes Somaliland for barring Somali refugees from entering into Berbera. A Press release from Puntland State of Somalia calls Somalilands decision to stop refugees fleeing from the war in Yeman to enter its territory as despicable and inhumane.

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