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Togdheer Deputy Governor Refutes accusations of bias

Storyline:National News







Togdheer deputy governor, Mohamed Diiriye has shielded himself from the accusations submitted by the regional magistrate which indicate that his office does bias and normally service the politicians as it kept aside the legitimate work of service public equally.
He urged Somaliland chief justice to send committee to oversee what is going in his office.
“I say these accusations are false, we are the servants of the public, and my office always serves the public tirelessly” he said.
There had been sparks of arguments between these two officers as they had been airing blames one another on the media.
The disputes has been existing and the deputy was accused of  having links politicians as that embarked political unrest in the region, while the proclaimed republic of Somaliland is trying to move away from nepotism and political bias according to the words of its president.