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Top Al-Shabaab Leaders Surrender to Somali Forces in Bula Haji

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | BULA HAJI: Four top Al-shabaab members Tuesday surrendered to the Somali National Army in the Bulo Haji area in the Lower Jubba region.

According to an official government statement, the four militants who surrendered were; the group’s head of finance in Bula Haji, the militant group’s intelligence leader and another in charge of extortion.

The statement added that internet services in Bulo Haji and its environs which had been blocked by the group has been restored.

The residents expressed gratitude to the national army and the Jubbaland Deravish forces for restoring peace and stability in the region.

The surrender comes a day after the national forces backed by international partners, killed 28 al-Shabab militants in an airstrike in a rural area on the border between the Galgadud and Middle Shabelle regions.

The airstrike targeted the Hawal Qorey and Rage Barir areas, where members of the group, along with their military and cargo vehicles, were stationed.

A senior military commander, Abdinur Yusuf Qadaye, stated that the targeted militants were planning attacks on army positions and local communities.

Operations against the Al-Shabab group are still ongoing in the Galgadud and Middle Shabelle regions, with increased efforts from both ground and air forces by the army, local people, and international allies.