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Outrage as top ONLF Somali commander handed over to Ethiopia

Storyline:National News, Security

The decision by Somali government to hand over dissident ONLF senior official who is a Somali citizen to the Ethiopian regime has sparked sharp criticisms with many terming the transfer a betrayal of citizen rights and violation of international law.

Abdikarin Sheikh Muse a member of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) was handed over to Ethiopia Wednesday following his arrest in Adado, central Somalia where he is said to have gone to pick his kin for medical treatment in Mogadishu.

He was a top leader of the banned Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) who was handed over to Ethiopia by Somalia government, reliable sources said.

Abdikarim Sheikh Muse, known by his nickname “Qalbi dagah” was captured in the northern town of Adado town, 500km north of the Somali capital last Friday 25th August 2017  and was flown from Adado to Mogadishu in military aircraft, escorted by government security forces, according to multiple source.

The Ethiopian government confirmed it had received Muse from Somali authorities. Somalis in the social media criticized the government with some arguing the two countries did not have extradition agreements.

ONLF statement directly accused Somali President Mohammed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo,’ of complicity in the said transfer.

The social media is abuzz with his handover to Ethiopian government and many said it is the biggest mistake the nascent administration of Farmajo has done so far. In the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, its the talk of the town with mixed reaction though mostly against the move.

Some Somali federal MPs also jumped into the heated matter airing the strong views in the local radios citing that they will forward a motion on the matter when the house resumes for business. It is “unheard of in the chessboard of Somali history,” a lawmaker said.

The ONLF has been fighting since 1984 for autonomy of the Ogaden region, which borders Somalia. The rebel group was among five organizations outlawed as terrorists by the Ethiopian government on 2011.

Currently the region is at peace with Ethiopia and federal Somali state is in place with support of the Ethiopian government and headed by Abdi Mohamoud Omar who was elected in October 2010.

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