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Traders discuss on how to reinstate Somali Shillings as legal tender in Adado

Storyline:National News

A conference on how to restore Somali shillings as the legal tender for business transactions is underway in Adado town between traders from Galgadud, Galmudug and Hiran regions.

During the meeting, the most outstanding issues expected to be sorted out will be on how to accept back the Somali shillings or other ways of means for business transactions and activities to return to normal.

The Commissioner of Adado town Abdullahi Abdirahman Hussein opened the meeting which was organized by Galmudug State.

“In this meeting, traders from several locations in Galmudug came together and concerns the Somali Shillings that became a burden” said Commissioner Abdullahi.

The refusal of Somali Shillings as the medium of exchange left a big blow to the needy people in these regions who are unable to buy commodities using US Dollars which are mostly in the hands of the traders.