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Training Workshop for Journalists on Personal Safety in Garowe

Storyline:National News

Training Workshop for Journalists on Personal Safety, Reporting on the New Deal, State-Building and Political Process which jointly organized by Puntland Ministry of Information, Media Association of Puntland (MAP) and UNSOM Strategic Communication and Public Affairs Department was held at UNSOM Compound in Garowe town.

Howard Bell, UNSOM Garowe Head of Office, officially opened the training. He noted that the workshop was a great capacity building opportunity for an important sector within Puntland society.

He added that, amongst other things, journalists can play a key role in addressing common misconceptions about subjects of public interest – the Somali New Deal being a leading example.

Meanwhile, the Puntland Minister of Information, Mohamud Soocadde, said the training will help journalists to increase their knowledge on their safety, ethics and New Deal process.

The Chair Person of Media Association Puntland (MAP) urged participants to apply what they will learn from this training, and thanked UNSOM for its sponsorship.