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Trial of Suspect Accused of Burning Wife to Death Begins in Mogadishu


GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: The Banadir Regional Court has begun the trial of Sayid Ali Maallin Daoud, who is being accused of setting his pregnant wife on fire, leading to her death.

The victim, identified as Lul Abdiaziz, a mother of six, succumbed to injuries sustained in the incident while undergoing treatment at Digfer Hospital in the capital city of Mogadishu, sparking widespread calls for justice.

The accused was arrested by the Somali National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA) officials on 5th of February after being on the run for several days after committing the offense, and was handed over to law enforcement to face charges.

The family of the deceased, religious leaders and members of the public have appealed to the Federal Government of Somalia to ensure justice is delivered and the suspect faces the full force of the law.

The prosecution says it has gathered sufficient evidence to support the case which they will present before the Banadir Regional Court while the accused has sought the services of a lawyer to defend him during the legal proceedings.