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Tur yare: Al-shabab suspects receive fair judgement

Storyline:National News
Tuuryare, the chairman of Somali military court

Somali military court chairman of stated that the court is dealing with al-Shabab members in a away different from how they deal with the people especially s.

Head of Somali military court Abdirahman Mahamed Turyare told Goobjoog FM that Al-shabab members always meet justice without any threats when they are taken into custodies.

Turyare added that they prefer to speed up the judgment of Al-Shabab members in the government’s prisons at the moment to give room for fair trials adding that they sometimes hire lawyers to defend their cases.

He accused Al.shabab killing the innocent citizens immediately on the spot without justice while the military court concentrates its energy to provide every Somalia citizen rights to defend themselves before the court.

Somali military court the last few weeks has executed over six convicted Al-shabab members in Mogadishu.