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Turkish ambassador receives fare well ceremony in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

KamaludinA colourful ceremony to see off Turkish ambassador to Somalia Kamaludin kani was held in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia on Friday.

The ceremony was organized union of Somali Universities known as Somali REN.

The aim of the conference was to thank and congratulate the outgoing ambassador’s roles during his term in Somalia especially Mogadishu.

All the participants commended the efforts of the outgoing ambassador Mr. Kamaludin for his tireless role in humanitarian assistance to Somali people a time when humanitarian crises broke out in Southern Somalia regions in 2011.

Dahir Hassan Arab, deputy rector of SIMAD University speaking during the ceremony stated that Turkey through its ambassador in Mogadishu implemented big projects in Somalia by building schools, hospitals, roads and speeding up humanitarian aid.

Also Sheikh Bashir Noor Salad, one of Somali intellectuals also commended the efforts of Turkish government and added that Erdogan’s party succeeded local government elections due to the support they offered to Somali people during hardship.

He was  appointed as the first Turkish ambassador to Somalia after more than two decades of anarchy in 2011 when there was severe famine that hit the Southern Somalia regions, Olgan Beker was appointed to take his place.

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