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Turkish Defence Ministry Says Preparations for Military Operation in Syria Complete

Storyline:Security, World

By: sonna

Earlier, Syrian media reported that Turkish jets had attacked a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) military base near the city of al-Malikiya in the Hasakah province.

The Turkish Defence Ministry said in a Twitter post that all preparations for a military operation in Syria had been completed.

The Ministry noted that the establishment of a zone (peace corridor) is essential to contribute to the “stability and peace of our region” and for Syrians to live in safety.

Late on Monday, Turkey conducted airstrikes against the Samalka Syrian-Iraqi checkpoint, reportedly destroying two bridges. The strike was reportedly aimed at the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that controls the Samalka checkpoint.

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara may launch a military operation (dubbed ‘Operation Peace Fountain’, according to the Washington Post) in Syria in the coming days to force Kurdish fighters to retreat from border areas.

Meanwhile, the White House said late on Sunday that US forces would not support the Turkish military operation and would withdraw from the area.